Art Installations

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The art you will find at Dia de Los Muertos USA transcends the typical festival faire. Our art installations are as much an integral part of DDLMUSA as the soundtrack we provide. Through the experience of admiring and even interacting with the art installations spread around the event, you’ll find yourself in a continuous state of amazement and wonder.  We invite you to bring photos of loved one’s who have passed to be placed on our enormous Altares. We have partnered with countless artists that truly inspire us and will no doubt make your experience all the more electrifying.

Haven’t read enough? We also have over 50 vendors selling hand-made, original items with a traditional Day of the Dead theme, Mexican cultural motif, or even original pieces straight from the artists themselves. Come and shop the endless rows of fun objects and worldly possessions.




This piece on (left) called El Lado Oscuro de Catrina, symbolizes the duality between being a good person and being a bad person and the beauty behind it. The balance between life and death and the choice we all have to be either of each one. The corn on her arm represents the indigenous roots that the native cultures have survived on for centuries. With her arm embracing the corn, she
stands for our modern culture embracing  and not forgetting the ancient past. The flowers symbolize fertility and abundance in the female form. The heart is an expression of the choice within us all to be dark or light. I choose to convey beauty in both as these dualities cannot exist without the other. Both dualities, whether light or dark, good and bad light and day, exist
within each other and I find true harmony when they are intermixed and blended with each other.  The hand on the bottom corner represents the people that have passed away yet not forgotten within the embracing of the sacred corn.
  The painting was painted live in front of an audience. I did not know what the direction I wanted to go when I started, but  knew that a Catrina was always the best way to symbolize beauty within day of the dead culture.

Lado Oscura de Catrina, Black Light King.
(Take home your own signed print of this piece free with your purchase of a VIP ticket –

a $150 value!)